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Auto Accident Injuries Cont.

Neck Pain?  Headaches?  You May Have Whiplash

Whiplash can be a real pain -- and we mean that literally! At our chiropractic center, our chiropractors frequently see whiplash injuries, which can result from many different things but often happen after a car accident or an injury at home or at work. Our Pompano Beach chiropractors, Drs. David and Ross Pine, are experienced with dealing with this type of injury, and chiropractic care at our center may be one of the most effective ways for clients to deal with this often-painful and sometimes lingering injury.

Dr. Pine is sharing some of the signs of whiplash today, because our clients need to know what to look out for, and what to do if it happens to them.

Neck pain is often the first and most obvious sign of whiplash. This happens because the client often had some type of fall or impact (like an auto accident) that caused the neck and head to quickly snap forward and back. The neck pain can include both the back of the neck and the front area of the neck, around the throat area.

The next sign of whiplash is a headache. The headache may develop right away or it may take some time to start, but a headache -- either a nagging persistent one or a sporadic stabbing headache -- is an indication that you may be dealing with whiplash.

Back pain is another frequently seen sign of whiplash. The back pain is a result of the sudden impact to the spine, and may be centered in any area of the back -- upper, lower, middle back, or even the entire back.

People who have neck pain, headache, back pain, or any new and different pain in the days following an accident where the body sustained any type of impact may be dealing with whiplash. Our Pompano Beach area chiropractors are familiar with this type of injury and we are always glad to set up a consultation appointment for new clients, or discuss any health issues with our existing clients.

Whiplash Pain:  Our Pompano Beach Chiropractor Talks Signs

Any person who has suffered from signs that could be whiplash already know that this condition can cause pain ranging from painful twinges to outright physical agony. At our Pompano Beach area chiropractor, we care for many whiplash patients, providing orthopedic care and treatments like physical therapy. While physical therapy is one of the most helpful ways to eliminate pain once the whiplash is discovered, the patient and doctor first have to be able to identify the signs of whiplash. The following signs are some of the most frequently suffered results of whiplash.

Neck stiffness and pain is frequently an obvious whiplash sign. If a patient is suddenly having trouble moving their head and feels as if the neck is reluctant to move normally, whiplash may be to blame. Often, neck pain and stiffness go together: For example, a patient may try to slowly turn their head in one direction only to be stopped by neck tightness and pain.

Our Pompano Beach chiropractor says that another often observed whiplash sign is back trouble. While many people have back pain or stiffness from time to time, whiplash back pain will generally begin in the time immediately after some sort of impact or accident. The pain may make it difficult to move normally and is sometimes spread over the whole back, but it may appear in only a small area of the back, which is why orthopedic treatment and physical therapy is such an effective treatment: It can target the pain precisely where it is.

Another sign of whiplash that we often see here at Pine Chiropractic Center are headaches. Headaches resulting from whiplash often start at the base of the skull, where the head and neck connect. The headaches may be dull or sharp, and can vary with each person. Headaches may be accompanied by dizziness and trouble concentrating.

Whiplash can be different for each patient, but most whiplash victims will experience one or more of these symptoms. Patients who think they may be suffering from whiplash should always take these signs seriously since it can be a very severe and long term injury if left untreated. Physical therapy, chiropractic, and other therapies can often be used together to eliminate whiplash pain and symptoms in the fastest-possible time.

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