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Electrostimulation Therapy

Interferential Electrostimulation Therapy

What is Interferential electrostimulation therapy and how does it work?

Interferential electrostimulation is a passive and non-invasive therapeutic treatment that aids in the relief of inflammatory pain, reduction of muscle spasms, and accelerates soft tissue healing. Small amounts of electrical current are delivered to electrode patches while a combination of low and high frequency impulses travel into the tissues below the skin. This stimulates the body to secrete natural endorphins and activate natural pain killers such as opioid receptors in the spinal cord, brain stem and peripheral nervous system, which helps with relieving acute and chronic pain. Patients should feel a slight “pins and needles” sensation during treatment. Interferential electrostimulation therapy can be utilized for fast-acting pain relief for patients with painful symptoms.

Why would this type of therapy be used?

This therapeutic treatment is often used for reducing painful symptoms and decreasing local swelling of soft tissue. Ligament sprains, muscle strains and spasms, respond very well to this treatment as it helps in reducing muscle atrophy and increasing blood circulation. Other uses include muscle strengthening, endurance, and spasticity management.