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Back Vitalizer

What causes the most prevalent back pain, stiffness and fatigue in people who spend so much time sitting at work, at home, or in cars and airplanes?

The human body is made for motion and not for sitting still. As soon as a person starts to sit still, the deep stabilizing muscles start to contract and tense.  These tensing muscles will squeeze the vertebrae, create static load in the spine and compress nerve roots. This in turn will create pressure, tension, stress, stiffness, fatigue and even pain in the back, especially in the lower lumbar area.

By providing gentle neuromuscular stimulation and biomechanical support, the Back Vitalizer helps sedentary users relax the deep stabilizing muscles and reduce static load and muscle spasm in the lower back.

The Back Vitalizer's special aero-dynamic design is fully adjustable to suit the specific needs of any individual. Simply by controlling the level of inflation, you can effectively control the level of exercise or support. Anyone can enjoy it - from kids to seniors! With its unique neuromuscular stimulation and biomechanical support, the proprioceptive Back Vitalizer helps treat a wide range of health issues. The following are a selected list of health issues that the Back Vitalizer helps resolve or prevent:

  • Relieve Back Pain
  • Improve Sitting Posture
  • Correct Forward Head Posture
  • Reduce Neck and/or Shoulder Pain
  • Improve Postural Stability
  • Improve Spinal Musculoskeletal Health
  • Strengthen Low Back and Core Stability
  • Prevent Low Back Injuries
  • Promote Sensory Integration
  • Maintain Inner Youth

In fact, over 90% of sedentary users notice a positive difference within 3 seconds of applying the Back Vitalizer.

Testing is believing! Visit the office today for a test drive and make your life easier and healthier today!

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